ZENY Fitness Vibration Platform









  • Durable Construction, ABS shell for durability and sturdiness, ergonomic design, anti-static and anti-overload device. Load capacity up to 330 lb
  • LED display to show time, speed and fat at the same time
  • Adjustable Vibration Speed--Speed can be adjusted from 1
  • Quiet operation-- It works very quiet, will not disturb you from watching TV shows
  • Balance Exercise Equipment-- Booty machine workout fitness platform that will just make your body look perfect benefits


  • Some customers said: the vibrations is good, but the voice when you turn it on is too loud.

The ZENY Fitness Vibration Machine comes with a great design which makes even an inexperienced or novice fitness buff make the most out of it. It offers great options for making exercising easier. The machine comes with Bluetooth which allows one to play music while working out thus making the exercising experience more fun.

It also comes with an LED display to show speed, time and fat all at once. The vibration platform is fit for exercising of all sorts, be it building muscles or improving body flexibility. It is a great help in maximizing the normal fitness regime by enhancing the most casual exercises.

The Vibration platform comes with a high power oscillating motor which is the contributory factor to enhance your body tone. It has an adjustable vibration speed implying it suits different speeds ranging from 1-99, 99 being the highest level of speed intensity. The machine can be controlled remotely, easily controlling the speeds at a click of a button.

The Power Plate vibration platform provides whole body vibration which is by far the most popular addition to the category of passive exercising. The machine has dual construction. The platform’s ABS shell works very well for sturdiness and durability. It is an anti-static and anti-overload device with a load capacity of maximum 330 lb.

ZENY Fitness Vibration Plate Machine Benefits

One of its best features is its quiet operation. The exercising will not disturb your leisure hours. The detachable resistance bands helps you work out your upper body and arms and achieve best results.

It will make your body look just perfect with its immense benefits including muscle strength, flexibility, increased circulation, enhancing balance and coordination, and faster muscle recovery after the workout. It is extremely useful in relieving back pain by decompressing the spine. Some of its health benefits include reduction of stress elevation levels, increasing bone mineral density and enhancing metabolism.

A ten minute exercise on the platform can equal an hour of conventional workout. The platform comes with a manual useful for instructions and other program settings.

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