ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer Plate Machine









  • The vibrating machine is durable and solid
  • Convenient to use anywhere and stores away easily
  • Suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness
  • The wide platform allows you to increase the intensity of your workouts


  • It’s a little more expensive compared to other vibrating platforms

ZAAP came into market at a time when most of its other brands were looking obsolete. However, their innovative looking vibro plates have turned them into one of the best selling brands in their arena. ZAAP’s TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer Platform Machine is modern and stylish vibration plate and is becoming increasingly popular with the users.


The vibro plate machine is made up of a 600 watt motor which is more than enough capable of powering up the machine for a full body intense workout. The machine can handle a maximum user weight of 120 kg and has three pre-set programmes.


Although, admittedly, the three pre-set programmes of this model aren’t the best but for a price like this, it couldn’t have been better. The oscillating motion of its plate is a major contributor to the workout, taking care of as much as 95 percent of your needs.


Not just that, the same oscillating motion is responsible for increasing the mass and tone of your muscles, while reducing the cellulite and body fat. The machine is perfect for turbo charging your workout with its rapid vibrations causing a high rate of muscle contraction reaching at up to fifty times per second.


The machine has an overall weight of 28 Kg and an extremely robust design making it very sturdy. Besides, its attached safety bars make it easy to reach a comfortable and safe workout position, an essential for every fitness-conscious person.


Another feature that makes it stand out is its anti-jamming device apart from the anti-static one. Most vibration plates lack such safety features in their specifications.


ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Machine Review Benefits

To sum up, the major advantages of the machine are a quite motor, light weight and a high range of speed settings. The major drawback is that it needs to be assembled. The motor plate is not just about its good looks, it’s far more than that.


For a beginner vibration plate, its strong design and effective on-board display, showing time, speed and pulse management, are very impressive. The size of the vibration plate helps with a wide variety of vibration exercises.


Plus, for a price like this, it is quieter compared to its other budget models. A ten minute workout on the machine is equivalent to half an hour of traditional workout. With its compact build and good specifications, it is a good home vibration plate for a reasonable price that can be worth a try.

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