XtremepowerUS 2000W Slim Full Body Vibration Platform









  • Its vibrations constantly going through your body it can help improve blood flow
  • LCD Screen displaying the settings: cardiovascular exercise, detoxifying program, body protection program
  • Has a unique design with streamline form
  • Distubance and static electricty resistence
  • Created with a durable steel frame for quality and long life span


  • Some users have mentioned an unpleasant “tire-like” smell

The Xtremepower US 2000W Slim Vibration Platform Machine is the newest and latest in its line. The platform comes with a powerful motor and as many as 180 different speed levels. It has four LED displays, each displaying time, mode, BMI and speed.

The BMI sensors are located on the grab handles for easy access. The machine adds an extra layer of strength to your arms with its resistance bands. It has two built-in MP3 speakers and ten different preset programmes to enhance your exercising experience.

The rated power of its motor is 2000W with 1.5 HP. The speed range is from 1-99 levels. The machine weighs 83 lbs and has a user weight capability of 300 lbs. The frequency of the steel plated machine ranges from 50-60H.

The machine has been created using a durable steel frame to increase its life span. Its unique design with streamline form provides disturbance and static electricity resistance. The product needs to be assembled and it comes with an instructions manual to help you with that.

XtremepowerUS 2000W Slim Vibration Plate Benefits

 The Slim Full Body Vibration Platform from Xtremepower US is all you need get into shape easily. The machine vibrations burn as much calories as would running or jogging do.

Not just that, the constant vibrations running through your body help in improving the intestinal movements and blood flow. You can easily adjust the settings of the LCD display screen and customize them to your own requirements.

Some of it settings include cardiovascular exercise, detoxifying program and body protection program. Among its many benefits include the muscle gain, better coordination and increase the general flexibility of the body.

The machine is one of its kind in a sense that it does not just help in keeping the body in shape, it also helps in relaxing the body and relieving it of stress after a long exhausting day.

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