Vmax Fitness Whole Body Vibration Machines

Vmax Fitness produces some of the best vibration models today and is doing a terrific job in providing vibration exercises.
It is one of the greatest brands in the market in terms of the quality of its machines, after sales services i.e. an excellent customer care support and some of the best warranty policies.

Its spiral vibration machine, Trio 2 comes with single and dual mode operations. The dual motor performs both spiral and oscillation vibrations with its 300-watt and 500-watt spiral and oscillation motors respectively.

The machine’s floor is massively high at twenty-seven inches with an unbelievable frequency range between 5Hz to 60Hz. The tried and tested power of the machine is huge as it can lift up to 450 lbs without a slight feel of it.

Besides, it will take more than ten minutes of running with 300 lbs on it, to get near warm. Its combinations of speed and vibrations range to as high as 3700 with as many as sixty different speeds, adjustable manually.

This machine is considered one of the best options for professional body builders, thanks to some of the heaviest exercises it makes possible. The other two popular models of VMax are portable.

While Q7 produces spiral and vertical movements in dual and single modes respectively and is less restrictive in power, the Q5 model is more restrictive in power.

A major difference both the models is the absence of a vertical support column in Q5. Both the models are perfect for people with a weight up to 160-180 lbs. They both are similar in terms of power and vibrations in the sense that they produce similar power and vibrations.

Vmax Fitness Vibration Plate Benefits

VMax Fitness’s Duo is less powerful than its Trio 2. Though its speed frequency combination and manual speed remains the same as Trio 2, the dual motors viz. the oscillation and spiral motors are 300-watt and 200-watt respectively.

It is a good option for those who want to maintain their health but not necessarily require body-building. People who are looking to detoxify, regulate weight, maintain the bone density, and manage joint pain and lymph.

VMax Fitness’s range of models is fit for all, professional body builders and normally health conscious individuals alike. This combined with unrivaled customer service, great value and professional endorsements has made it one of the biggest brands in the fitness sector.

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