Vitality 600 Vibration Platform

There is a certain increase in people complaining about uneven fatigue, depression and other mental disorders. With constant exposure to this fast-moving modern world, people completely forget about themselves. They are so engulfed in their work, that they forget what harm they are causing to themselves.

They only realise when they suffer. The reason for all of these uneven mental and physical problems is bad health. People completely forget to care about their bodies which are their main asset in surviving in this world. To help people maintain their health without making them spend hours in the gym and in the park, comes the Vitality 600 vibration platform.

Now you don’t need to constantly think of maintaining your health. You can focus on your work and you just have to take out 10 minutes from your schedule, and give yourself to this vibration machine. That’s it. You’ll easily maintain your health without any hassle.

You can just relax and this machine will send vibration throughout your body. A good convenient massage indeed! And if you want to do some real heavy exercises, then you can do that on this platform and you’ll see better results than doing the same exercises at the gym.

This machine can help you release all the tension and stress building up in your mind. If your body would be fit and sound, you’ll surely enjoy doing anything you do and you won’t stress over anything. It can aid in the increase in your metabolism rate and also your bone mineral density. Hence relieving you from many physical and mental diseases.

Vitality 600 Vibration Plate Features

The Vitality 600 vibration platform comes with a speed range of 1-20. That means you can adjust the speed as per the intensity you want. The vibration platform is an oscillating vibration plate and you can feel different kinds of vibrations as per the intensity you have set.

If you want to just have a soothing massaging experience, then you can set the vibration at a lower intensity speed. If you want to lose weight, you can set the intensity to a medium range of speed. And, if you want to do heavy muscular exercises, then you can set the intensity to a high range of speed.

The platform is highly durable and can easily take your weight. With two resistance straps attached to the sides, you can perform almost any kind of exercise on this machine.

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