Vibration Plate vs Treadmill

Now days we use so many workout tools and machines for speeding up the fitness process. These tools are available in gym or we can purchase them for our self at home. The two most commonly used work out machines are treadmill and power vibration plate machine. Let’s get some information about both of them.

Vibration Plate

Vibration plate is a workout tool which generates energy through vibrating platform machine and transmit it to our body. It gives fast workout benefits with less amount of efforts and time. The 15 minutes of workout with vibration plate equals to the 60 minutes of traditional work out. Working out with this machine has lots of benefits like increase in blood circulation, flexibility muscles strength, well-toned body and instant weight loss. With fitness benefits it also gives some medical benefits like reducing the soreness of the muscles, backpain and bone loss.


  1. Helps in weight loss
  2. Improves blood flow, immunity, balance, coordination and flexibility
  3. Reduces body pain, muscles soreness, bone loss
  4. It gives faster results therefore we do not need to spend hours at gym. Daily 15 minutes workout is more than enough to get best result out of it.
  5. Required very fewer physical movements which reduce the risk of getting hurt of weakness.


  1. Like other exercises this does not increase your heart rate that much due to which it is less effected in terms of heart and lung stamina.
  2. If you want a best available model of vibration plate machine, then it cost you lots of money.
  3. It is only totally effective when you combine it with some regular exercises and heathy diet


Treadmill is a workout tool with moving strap which allows you to do some regular workouts at one place like jogging, running and walking. Treadmills are widely popular because it gives the natural way to workout indoor and provides lots of speed controlling facilities.


  1. Treadmill allows you to workout regularly at the comfort of your home and as you can work out indoor you need not to worry about the weather.
  2. As it accelerates your heart rate you can get benefits of cardio workout and increase the stamina of heart and lung.
  3. If we run outdoors, then we might fell extra tension on joints and muscles due to uneven surface but with treadmill we can overcome it.


  1. As running on treadmill is not fun like outdoor running you might get bored with it.
  2. The only things you can do on treadmill are walking, running or jogging.
  3. Like vibration plate, the best treadmill model also cost lots of money.

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