Exercising With Vibration Machine – Workout Charts

Exercising on daily basis is very important in order to stay fit and healthy. Now a days it becomes more easier with the latest innovation in the fitness world known as power vibration machine.

It gives faster result in considerably less amount of time than traditional work out methods. And the most important part is it takes very less or even negligible physical efforts.

Even if you stand, sit or lie down on this machine very still without any movement you will get benefits because the vibrating platform produces energy by vibration and transmit it to your body.

Vibration Machine Exercises Charts


But if you do some regular exercises on this vibrating platform then it will definitely take your exercise to next level and give you extra benefits. Let’s see some exercises you can do on vibration machine.

Twist and Shout

Vibration machine comes with a large enough platform to stand, sit or lie down. This machine comes with handles near about waist height which allow us to control the speed and intensity of the vibration.

With this vibration technique energy gets transmitted to our body from the vibrating platform due to which our muscles contract and relaxes rapidly. It helps to increase the muscle strength

Open Arm

Generally, vibration machine is very useful to make your upper body core stronger. So, the you can do some regular upper body exercises on this machine like pushups, dips, isometric planks etc.

By doing such type of exercises on the vibrating platform will help you to make your upper body more flexible with strong muscles and bones. It will make the platform touching body part stronger due to which you can improve your balance and coordination.

The Hokey-Pokey

If you put your one leg on vibrating platform and another on the floor and maintain the lunge position, then it might fill like playing the hokey-pokey. This will help to make your lower body core stronger.

Other lower body exercises like heel raises or squats also beneficial while performed on vibration machine.

Belly Dancing

If you perform some belly dancing steps like lying down with hips up or doing crunches or sitting with crossed legs on the platform will also help to make your core stronger.

It will also increase the flexibility and improve your balances and body coordination.

This exercises on vibrating platform will definitely give you lots of fitness and health benefits.

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