Vibeplate Vibration Machine









  • Maximum weight capacity: 1500 pounds
  • Increases Muscle Strength, Promotes better blood circulation and Increases bone density
  • Ensures better wellness, Decreases production of cortisol (stress hormone) and Increases production of growth hormone
  • It’s one of the most durable exercise equipments in the market
  • Increases metabolism enabling your body to better consume nutrients and eliminate waste


  • The price may not be affordable for some people, but it’s worth it

The rise in whole body vibration technology has made it easier for people to get an intense workout session to form their homes. The vibeplate vibration plate is here to ensure that you improve your physical health and improve your athletic ability.

It can also be used by people who suffer from chronic illnesses as it offers pain relief abilities. It is also the go-to product if you are looking for healthy and fit anti-aging means.


It comes in four different sizes which give you the flexibility of choosing the perfect fit for your house. It provides you with a wide range of vibration frequencies which gives the user the option of choosing the one more suitable to them.

It also has a total weight of between 1200-1800 pounds depending on the vibration plate size. It also comes with a dial control that is user-friendly.

The footprint is made of durable rubber to offer you a better grip and prevent any slipping. It is made out of heavy-duty steel enhancing its durability.

Its platforms are coated with powder to provide a better grip. It provides you with attachments to affix tubing which enables you to diversify your workout.

The product is compact and of low profile, as it has a height of 5.5 inches. This is more ideal than other competing products.


This product is very beneficial to people who suffer from chronic pain as it offers relief. The vibration technology also provides anti-aging benefits.

It is also very useful for athletes as it helps you to improve on your athletic ability. It also comes in handy for those who are seeking physical rehabilitation and physical therapy.

It helps in improving blood flow circulation and bone density. This product is also more affordable as compared to other similar products.

With the technology of the product, you will get better and more intense training and workouts as compared to traditional workout means. It also helps in improving flexibility, balance and coordination abilities.

The product is also lighter and more reliable than other similar products.

Unlike other products that offer benefits only to athletes and those seeking physical fitness, this one offers benefits to those who are suffering from medical conditions like cerebral palsy, lymphedema and many more.

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