Upgraded Standing Vibration Platform Machine









  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED LEVEL: Features a wide range of speed settings from 1 to 99 intensity setting w/ adjustable time
  • It supports weight up to 330 lbs
  • 3 LED MONITORS: With this vibration machine, you can easily monitor your progress via the LED screens w/ touch button controls
  • WHOLE BODY WORKOUT: The 200W high powered vibration motor of the exercise trainer allows you to target both upper and lower body for maximum results
  • EMOTE CONTROL: Hurtle’s vibration platform machine includes remote control for distant adjustments and easy control of vibration speed in just a simple push of a button


  • Not very portable

The upgraded standing vibration machine is a platform that provides full body fitness exercises meant to achieve a crazy kind of fitness. It does this because of the fact that has features meant to make wonders happen.

The main difference between this version and the one before it is the fact that this one has an improved material construction as well as other updated functions. Upon delivery, the workout equipment does not come fully assembled.

Upgraded Standing Vibration Plate Machine Features

  • Has a massager.
  • Weighs 74lbs
  • 3 LED screens
  • 2 resistance bands.
  • BMI sensor
  • Adjustable speed level

Its resistance bands do not vibrate but rather, only the bottom of the machine vibrates. The resistance bands have a role in some of the other work out modes though. This equipment does not feature ay oscillation vibrations.

As this machine vibrates, it transmits energy to the user’s body which compels the muscles to contract and relax multiple times every second. The overall feeling is that the body experiences exertion which is in fact what exercise is all about.


Upgraded Standing WBV Machine Health benefits

  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Ideal for weight loss as well as body toning.
  • Flexibility as well as body strength are achieved.
  • Muscles are toned and lengthened.
  • Tension is relieved due to relaxing and the massaging effect.
  • It achieves burning of fat.
  • Overall body circulation is improved.
  • The muscle strength is noticeably increased.
  • Your muscles are toned.
  • Oxygen intake is established.
  • User’s posture is developed.
  • ‘When the objective is weight reduction, it is achieved.
  • Flexibility of the body is also a result.
  • The bone mineral density is increased.
  • Body balance and effective coordination is also realized.
  • By decompressing the spine, cases of back pain are resolved.

The stress hormone cortisol is also reduced while at the same time there is increase in the levels of the human growth hormone. The body also realizes a better lymphatic flow and drainage. What many people do not know however is the extra benefit and edge this workout equipment delivers that makes its better than the others I its market which is the fact that it stimulates collagen production which science has proven to be ideal for smother skin.

The Upgraded Standing Vibration Platform is for these reasons a very healthy way to workout, at home or in the gym. It is benefit oriented and gives users the best value for their hard earned cash.

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