Soloflex Whole Body Vibration Platform

Soloflex is a whole body vibration platform ideal for everyone regardless their age or profession. It serves to deliver advantages or body improvements that relate to an ideal physical activity achieved with regulated effort and at minimal risk of injury. It has been designed for purposes of providing an exercising platform.

The Soloflex is ideal for overweight as well as beginners I the work out arena as it gives users the confidence to work out safely even behind closed doors when they are alone. Users will get the kind of outcome as they would if they were going to the gym.

It provides a good way to relax for persons who have had back injuries in the past ad may serve as a therapy mechanism. Trainers in the gym love it because it enables them to workout areas of weakness with their clients.

For persons between the ages of 50-74, the trainer will have an easy time going through strengthening and flexibility exercises as well as the ones that require relief from pain.

Soloflex Full Body Vibration Plate Machine Features

The Soloflex whole body vibration has been proportioned and padded for weight lifting, free weight lifting, free body exercises, yoga, pilates, general stretching or plain sitting or standing.

It has a bench that is adjustable full size which will help the user to hit his or her pecs from whichever angle they dim fit. This is not the case for an ordinary home based gym which does not allow for performance of multi-angled bench presses or even inclined sit ups which are in fact some of the most ideal training exercises.

It has a perfect length ideal for exercises requiring a wider stance.

Its narrowness allows for a variety of motion.

It has a low profile which makes it very safe for all activities.

It provides a full range of motion because of the fact that there is no tower that could have otherwise have obstructed any exercise on the platform.

What makes the Soloflex whole body vibration unique is the fact that it that does not have handle bars that users can hold on to while on it. It is versatile hence the user is exempted from boredom during workout. It is the best squatting machine hence muscle is built with a lot of confidence.

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