Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine









  • It is very quiet and runs smoothly
  • Its construction is very sturdy
  • Convenient even for the aged.
  • May be used in back and joint therapy.
  • Tones the body and helps effect shape


  • It's uncomfortable to do some basic upper body. There needs to be a pad

The rock solid whole body vibration fitness machine is designed to provide an inside-out exercise. It has soft vibrations which serve to give the body a new make-over right from the hip, abdomen and the waist region of the body.

The entire body is also given an adjustment that leaves it with an improved blood circulation as well as metabolism. The lymphatic system is also updated for better drainage of the lymphatic fluids.

Rock-Solid Vibration Platform Features

• It has three different vibration programs.
• Up to 99 different speed levels.
• A 0-30Hz frequency range
• Extendable resistance straps that engage different muscle groups.

Rock-solid whole body vibration fitness machine consists of ultra streamline design with variable speed options, with a 330lbs weight limit for users. The vibrations are in a rock solid oscillating fashion.

While in the workout session, the body muscles are able to propel the blood so much so that it reaches even the smallest of capillaries enriching the cells with nourishment while at the same time collecting their wastes.

Through elevating the circulatory system, Rock-solid whole body vibration fitness machine also confers a reliable immune system.

With its characteristic gentle vibrations, the Rock-solid whole body vibration fitness machine serves the entire body. In the long run, what will be achieved includes but is not limited to an efficient, effective and safe way that one can enhance the muscle as well as the bone cells to at their best.

The excess or unwanted fat is also burnt effecting noticeable weight loss while at the same time regulating the neuromuscular activities.

In this category of vibration, the platform that is vibrating vibrates in synchronization to the frequency on which it is set to operate. A stimulus is therefore taken to the muscle spindles (receptors located in skeletal muscles). As an exercise equipment, the rock solid whole body vibration plate machine has made a noticeable impact in the physical health of users.

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