Pinty 2000w Whole Body Vibration Platform









  • Adjustable time and speed
  • LED Displays clearly show results
  • BMI measured through grab handles
  • MP3 player to listen to music as you workout
  • Wheels make it easier to store away


  • Some customers found it to be a bit noisy

Do you really feel like doing exercise and making yourself fit? Do you hear from your peers and colleagues every time they see you that, you need to push yourself towards heavy physical activities every single day as you are getting really plump and out of shape? Do you fail in doing exercise every day as you can’t adjust your schedule or you can’t wake up early in the morning?

Or, if you do start doing exercise, you end up getting really tired and eventually you give up in a day or two? Well, don’t crib about it. The Pinty 2000w whole body vibration platform can save your life! It’s the perfect machine you can have at your home if you really want to spend less time and efforts and still have a toned body.

This powerful vibration platform can really get you going with its simple yet effective features.

This machine comes with time, speed and calorie tracking tools by which you can exactly keep track of your progress and be motivated by good results! You can also schedule your workout timings so you don’t miss out on doing your daily workout for a single day.

The most fun thing embedded in this amazing machine is an MP3! You can listen to music and enjoy working out on beats and rhythms. The spacious platform gives you the freedom to do any kind of exercise that suits you.

Pinty 2000w Vibration Plate Machine Features

The Pinty 2000w is built with rubber which makes it really durable. It can take up weights as heavy as 330lbs which makes it really ideal for people with heavy bodies. The speed adjustments range from 1-180 so you can choose the intensity of your workout as per your needs.

There are two strong straps attached to both sides of the platform so you can perform different kinds of exercises like push-ups and stretches. The dimensions are not very wide so you can keep it at a corner in your house or your workplace and you can access it easily anytime you want.

In conclusion, this machine is a way better option than going to the gym and doing heavy exercises. Just 10 minutes of workout will start showing discernible results in your body. If you really want a fast, efficient and easily accessible way of getting your body in shape, then consider Pinty 2000w, a must -buy-thing for you!

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