NexHT Fitness Vibration Platform









  • The NexHT Vibration Platform is affordable and works as well as models twice the price
  • The machine is easy to use and comes with a manual
  • It can go as high as 50 Hz
  • It is available as a single motor (triangular oscillation) and dual (3D vibration)
  • One-year warranty


  • Some people have complained about a strong odor

Everyone wants a toned body. Being fit and frenzy in this modern age has become a must. People want everything to be done briskly and fast. And that demands a fit body. People do many things to acquire a good-shaped body. From controlling diets to doing exercises, people work to look their desired self. To help them out in this, there have been many inventions.

Machines are being built to help people workout effortlessly and efficiently. Out of these helpful inventions comes the NexHT fitness vibration platform. This is a vibration platform which can really vibrate your body and get the fluids moving inside it. You don’t need to flex your muscles and spend hours in the gym. Just put yourself upon this platform and see the magic!

From losing weight to increase stamina, you can do almost everything with this platform. Save yourself from unnecessary fluids building up in your body without any exertion or exercise and, stay away from many harmful health diseases.

NexHT Fitness Vibration Machine Features


The NexHT vibration platform can hold the human weight quite easily and you can step over it and start feeling the vibrations. It is really easy to set up and you can control it through resistance straps as well as a remote controller. The buttons are also provided at the topmost part of the platform and you can set the vibration speed from there also.

This platform is ideal for you if you want to lose weight easily and efficiently. Just step over it and it will vibrate your body hence rendering a kinetic motion in it which will result in burning of the bodily fats. If you want better results, you can lift weights and do your exercises while standing on the platform. You can use it to build up your thigh muscles as well as you can use it to do push-ups. It comes with yoga straps too that means you can train your chest, abdomen and other upper body parts as well.

All in all, this is a perfect machine to get a toned body. With just 30 lbs of nominal weight, its very portable and the size is also considerably small. You can put it anywhere and start your workout! Also, it makes a very slow whispering sound while vibrating which means zero disturbance and irritation. A good machine indeed for having a desirable body shape without putting any efforts!


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