GLOOMAN Fitness Vibration Platform









  • Compact, easy to use and adapt to everyone’s needs
  • Slim and easy to store
  • Relieves stress and Cleans the toxin’s body
  • Slow aging process
  • Max user weight is 120 kg (265 lbs)


  • The platform is more expensive than many gym tools

The machine trains the whole body. It helps to lose fat and increase body resistance. You only need 10 minutes to work on the platform to have the same results as you can obtain working for one hour in the gym. The platform is adaptable with multiple speeds to develop many movements.

The machine is adaptable for all levels of fitness, even for beginners. The newest technology used to build this platform allows helping to lose weight really fast. The platform includes resistance bands, power cord, user manual and the most important, the vibration plate.

The machine operates in silence, the powerful motor runs smoothly. You can watch TV programs during your workout, you also can use the resistance bands to work your upper body and arms. The machine is powerful, slim and compact. Is perfect to workout at home. The platform enhances the neuromuscular function and fixes the blood circulation.

GLOOMAN Fitness Vibration Plate Machine Features


The machine is slim, easy to store. You can store it under the bad in your closet. The suction cups you can see under the unit keep the item in place to not shift when it vibrates.

The vibration speed is adjustable (1 to 99). This large-scale suit everyone’s needs. It also has a remote control, to adjust the speed. Remember that 10 minutes of working out with GLOOMAN Fitness Platform is the equivalent of one hour of fitness exercises at the gym.

The platform works quietly. It also has four anti-slip feet with vacuum suction to protect the surface. You will be delighted to see your body slimmer and more flexible. You can get wonderful shape quickly while watching TV in your office or at home.

The platform is named crazy-fit vibration device because the losing weight process is very fast. Your body improvement takes 30 times fewer efforts than jogging.

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