Jufit Vibration Machine









  • It is easy to find the appropriate frequency for each user
  • Walking, jogging and running is easy and beneficial
  • People with vertigo can improve their balance
  • Unlike common exercises that need at least an hour, practicing on a vibration platform requires only 10 minutes a day


  • When the user experiences nauseous or dizzy because of the vibrations. In this case is necessary to lower the frequency

Vibration platforms are again the preferences of those who want to regain their silhouette. The platforms use the latest technology. Vibration platforms are easy to use and secure way to lose weight for people busy who don’t have the time to exercise at the gym.

Usually, people are generally quick to see the results of their efforts to lose weight as soon as possible. Almost everyone needs to tone the muscles and burn fat. And if it can be done at home, the process is more convenient.

Overview of Jufit Vibration Platform

There are many vibration platforms on the market. The JUFIT platform has two major characteristics: it is effective and it looks good. The color is a modern gold. The platform has a streamlined shape and a LED display to show speed and time. It weighs 33 lbs.

The platform has a compact size to be easy to use everywhere and stored anywhere.

A look at the features of the Jufit Vibration Exercise Machine

3D Shake Motion Technology

The platform has 20-speed levels. This feature offers a faster speed switch to obtain a high-efficiency calorie burning. Jufit has a 25% extra fitness area than other oscillators, to offer more workout stability.

The platform Jufit is designed with a resistance cord system for the more intense workout. The platform offers feature small massaging balls to give the user’s hands a soft sensation when he grips them.

The frequency ranges from 15Hz to 45Hz. The normal resonant frequency of the human body ranges from 10Hz to 50Hz.
The platform is made of plastic and rubber and supports 265 lbs.

The device works with a remote powered 2 x AAA battery. The voltage must be 110V/50Hz.

20-level Speed Settings

The range of speed is 0 to 20 levels. The amplitude is 0-10mm (0-0.4inch. The program, speed and time can be seen on a 4 LED window.

5 Running programs

It takes 15 minutes of daily training to obtain a visible transformation. The platform offers 5 preset programs. The cable is the 190cm/74.8 inch long.


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