Get the Best Benefits of Vibration Machines

They go by many names: vibration machines, vibrating exercise machines, vibration plates, or vibration platforms. The vibration machine is a piece of exercise equipment that you can utilize to guarantee a high-speed workout. But how do these vibrations flowing through your body help you? What are the benefits of vibration machines?

Why should I use a vibration machine?

When you first take a step onto a vibration machine, there are a lot of benefits you will start to see in the coming weeks. The human body reacts positively to this workout in a number of ways. Whether you are looking for pain relief or to lose a few extra pounds, this machine may be the right choice for you.

Weight loss – In some obese patients, the addition of the vibration machine into their workout routine made a difference. By performing exercises while using a vibration platform, patients in a Belgian study lost 11 percent of their total body weight. By using this machine to exercise, obese patients may be able to start cutting some of their excess weight. The Mayo Clinic also emphasizes that, while used in addition to aerobic exercises and eating a healthy diet, vibration therapy can aid in weight loss.

Helping elderly patients According to Livestrong, elderly men and women can see benefits of using vibration machines. They can start to experience improvements in their bone density and a better sense of balance. Their muscle strength will also start to improve.

Improved back pain – While the Mayo Clinic does not recommend using the vibration machine as a replacement for other types of exercise, they highlight the benefits of the machine used in a well-rounded exercise routine. One of their main benefits they have seen in patients is relief for people suffering from back pain.

Are there side effects of vibration machines?

One thing that people should consider before incorporating the vibration machine into their exercise routine is whether or not they are prone to any potential negative side effects. For most people, the benefits will outweigh the vibrating exercise machine side effects. However, everyone should look into the potential side effects:

Back pain – For some people, this machine will help improve back pain. Yet for others, this will exacerbate the problem. Livestrong mentions that the frequency at which the vibrations from the machine travel through your body can make back pain worse for some.

Worsening of broken bones, sprains, or other orthopedic issuesThe machine’s vibration could cause muscle movement that could make these injuries worse. A doctor can advise when you are ready to return to the vibration plate.

Pacemaker problems and other cardiovascular issues – The vibrations from the machine can alter the function of a pacemaker and cause other problems for people who have heart or vascular conditions. Ask your doctor if you are able to take part in vibration exercise.

As long as you consult with your doctors and trainers who can help you build a workout routine tailored to your needs, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of vibration machines, which will likely have a place in your life.

Vibration Machines Benefits for Health

Increase muscle strength, especially explosive strenghtPain reduction (such as with fibromyalgia)
Increase hormone secretion: IG-1, testosterone, and human growth hormone (HGH)Counteract age-related muscle wasting
Increase fat loss; WBVT in conjunction with resistance training improved fat loss in menopausal women.
Other reserarch than traditional aerobics and strenght training in producing visceral fat loss.
Those using WBVT were also less likely to gain the weight back.
Reduce cellulite; 8 to 13 minutes of WBVT. two to three times per week for six months was shown to reduce cellulite by 26 percent. When combined with 24 to 48 minutes of cardio, cellulite was reduced by more than 32 percent.
Increase bone mass and mineral density, thereby decreasing risk of osteoporosisImprove in blood circulation, which can also stimulate tissue healing. Three minutes on a vibrating platform doubles mean circulation for at least 10 minutes
Increase flexibility and mobilityIncrease secretion of serotonin and norepinephrine
Improve proprioception and balanceIncrease lymphatic drainage
Decrease cortisol levelsSpeed up recovery from injury
Improve fitness in the elderlyImprove neurological conditions

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