Genki Whole Body Vibration Machine









  • 3D Shake motion technology allows for optimum benefits especially in muscle strengthening and weight loss
  • 120-level speed settings for optimised workouts and greater control of fine-tuning the required whole body vibrations
  • 6 pre-set running programmes in addition to walking and jogging modes
  • 160-kilogramme maximum load capacity helps provide greater versatility since different individuals can use the Ultra Slim anytime
  • Easy-to-read LCD display featuring the most-needed information


  • ABS plastic body may feel cheap; although it looks luxuriously elegant in piano black finish
  • There are no multimedia connections or ports that can allow for more personalised entertainment
  • 400-watt per motor design may not be enough to satisfy the needs of some folks

Everyone wants to look great and beautiful. In today’s age and times, if you have the cash and the inclination, everything is possible, from botox to plastic surgery to bariatric surgery and an entire world of beauty enhancing techniques.

Of course, a range of great body building equipments are also available. So, if you’re looking for devices to get your body in shape with little effort in the luxury of your own home, then genki vibrating workout platform is perfect for you. This portable vibration plate machine burns fat, tones and tightens skin by increasing your metabolism.

This machine helps in giving a perfect shape to your body in the hip, waist and abdomen region. It improves your muscle tone, body strength, blood circulation and flexibility in a week by using it just ten minutes per day, three times a week.

Genki Full Body Vibration Platform Technical Features

By far it is the most popular and new addition to the passive exercise category. This whole-body vibration machine is also known as power plate vibration machine. Out of 100 people 78 go for this power packed vibrating plate. With this vibration machines you can have your routine exercise done in only 10 minutes a day with a perfect body. This exercise equipment is compact and does not take too much space.

There is no humming sound when the machine is switched on. It has multispeed levels approximately 120 levels, with low and high-speed intensity adjustment and up and down shakes. It has ten auto running programs like walking, jogging, running, yoga and so on.

It is the best balance exercise equipment for core strengthening workout. This machine has thermoplastic polymer and scratch resistant body. The company gives a thirty-day money back guarantee and at the same time multiple safety certification. It is fitted with two led display for time, mode and speed.

It has overload protection, circuit protection, anti-jamming and anti-static protection. It comes with an infrared remote control with two resistance bands to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms.

It also comes with an exercise poster, anti-slide mat and dirt proof cover. Comes in four different colors, black, light blue, silver and red and weighs 330 pounds.

Genki whole body vibration machine plate is a very popular option at the bottom of the price range. It’s in the top three bestselling vibration machines and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range.


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