Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform









  • 99 Vibration Levels
  • 2 Resistance Bands Provided in the package
  • Remote control and extra-large backlit LCD display


  • Only available in one color

A vibration plate can only massage the feet and improves blood flow in the legs, a vibration platform provides full body exercise. It stimulates your muscles, cuts down the belly fat, by working on the core and hip muscles. It strengthens the spine and improves the stability of the entire body. The Finether Vibration comes in the all-black pattern.

Finether Vibration Plate Technical Features

It measures 10 inches in width, 6 inches in depth and 5 inches in height and weighs 13 kilograms, this makes it easier to carry. It can withstand 331 pounds of weight. Various exercises can be performed with the finether. Exercises like cardio, lunges, sit-ups, bending for strengthening knees or just standing and stretching can be done on this machine.

The LCD-display of this model has large numbers and backlight to keep it usable even at night. Then there’s the remote control which allows you to set, pause, time, as well as increase or decrease the speed of your workout. Has 99 fitness levels on offer, from the low-speed level to suit the elderly, the elderly to the maximum fitness level would test the mettle of the so-called athletes. Whether it is jogging, running, or simply walking that you like, the Finether has 3 vibration areas to keep your feet comfortable. The vibrating plate offers 2 resistance bands to change the difficulty level from easy to tough.

Finally, the stability of the machine is the deciding factor for a health fanatic to buy this platform, it doesn’t matter how good a vibration platform is, it would be useless if it isn’t stable. Fortunately, finether has taken care of this component by providing four bottom suction cups to make it stable. To provide brilliant stability, these cups, through their suction power, hold the ground regardless of the surface.

Finether Vibration Platform Benefits

The Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform is a personification of comfort, quality, and performance. It is convenient to use, stable on the ground, and has a decent weight capacity. All in all, it has all the traits of a perfect exercising companion for anybody.


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