Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Platform









  • The machine is very quiet and won’t disturb the rest of the family
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Approved by professional trainers
  • It’s one of the most versatile vibrating platforms, with 26 vibrations and 90 different speeds


  • According to few users the rubber mat has a strong smell

Axis-plate vibrating machine. Selecting the perfect vibrating machine for your body can be a difficult task. You have to try out for yourself to find out which machine is suitable for you. There are several vibrating machines in the market for physical exercise.

Axis-plate whole body vibrating machine exercise platform can be a good tool to loosen weight. Whole body vibration is a generic term used when mechanical oscillations of varied frequencies are transferred to the whole body. Vibration training is also another form of physical exercise which can offer some fitness and health benefits.

Axis-Plate Vibration Plate Technical Specifications

Axis -plate whole body vibrating machine allows to enjoy a professional grade vibration experience in the comfortable and private environment of your home. It is of premium quality featuring a time-tested motor and sturdy steel construction. The commercial-grade and professional quality vibration plate delivers 500 watts of power for effective and low-impact training for all fitness levels.

An oversized non-slip base plate, 120-volt grounded power cord and non-skid rubber feet are some of the safety features. Full-body vibration gives customizable stimulation for whole body vibration with 3 pre-programmed workout settings with 90 speed settings. These settings can also be done manually.

It has built-in basal metabolic index sensors for progress monitoring, and accessories include removable resistance bands to secure the upper body for a complete workout. Easy to operate for beginners and advanced users. This vibration platform features an easy-to-read control panel, enabling convenient speed control at the touch of a button.
Large platform measures 27.5 inches in length, 29 inches in width and 48 inches in height.

It weighs 62 pounds and its maximum weight bearing capacity is 265 pounds.

Axis-Plate Vibration Platform Safety Features

This machine has an extra-large vibrating plate which provides plenty of safe and secure room for comfortable positioning. Its sleek, compact design is equipped with front-mounted wheels for easy portability and non-skid rubber feet for complete stability.

This machine’s compact yet efficient design allows for use anywhere, from a bedroom to an office. It comes with full assembly instruction manual and an exercise guide and is a reliable source for professional-grade fitness equipment that provides lasting quality and exceptional value.



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